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MBBS in Ukraine

All You Need to Know About Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine always remains the top destination for foreign students for pursuing higher education at a competitive price. Foreign students highly prefer pursuing MBBS education in the Ukraine universities as it delivers excellence in education at the very reasonable price compared to other universities in the world. Studying MBBS in Ukraine provides students with an array of benefits ranging from helping them avail scholarships to working during their study period for financial support and more. Ukraine universities attract over 60% of the student from foreign national to pursue higher education including medicine. Not only the medical degree is cheaper here, but the academic excellence and quality support from faculty make the universities in Ukraine the best destination to pursue medicine degree.

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Well, there are many valid reasons to pursue MBBS education in Ukraine, of which the primary reason is the educational cost which is comparatively lower than other universities in the world. Students merely pay 1/10th of the fees which they pay at other universities to pursue MBBS degree. Moreover, the country has three different types of universities including national state and private. National universities are funded by the government, while the private universities run on funded gather individually or they are deemed university affiliated to government universities in Ukraine. There are also other benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine.



• The fees are low compared to other universities
• The admission process is simple and students don’t need to qualify for TOFEL or IELTS
• The universities follow higher teaching standards and deliver the sessions in English
• Most of the universities are approved by Medical Councils, WHO and IMED which means doctors completing their degrees can practice at their nations screening test by their Medical Councils.
• Exposure to world class infrastructure
• Low living cost
• Supportive faculty at universities for foreign students

The Leading Universities for Studying MBBS in Ukraine

• KHARKIV National Medical University
• DONETSK State Medical University
• ODESSA National Medical University
• IVANO FRANKISVK National Medical University
• DANYLO HALYTSKY LVIV National Medical University
• BOGOMOLETS National Medical University
• ODESSA National Medical University
• SUMY State University

Leading Faculty for MBBS in Ukraine

The MBBS in Ukraine is mainly divided into five different categories namely:
• Nursing
• Dentistry
• Pharmacy
• General Medicine
• Post Graduate Level

What is the Fee Structure for Studying MBBS in Ukraine?

It is estimated that the average cost to study MBBS in Ukraine in around $4000 per year. This cost exclude the living expenses which sum up to $700 per year for each student and also students needs to cover the medical insurance cost which is around $300 per annum. Before visiting the country, the student also needs to take up a full body medical check-up which would cost them around $200 and the other expenses that student needs to cover is the admission fees and registration fees which would cost them around $100.

What are the Eligibility to Pursue MBBS in Ukraine?

Ukraine is becoming the most popular and highly preferred destination to pursue higher education and medical degree. The universities and colleges in Ukraine give access to world class education to students from across the world. But, it is necessary for the students to pass the pre-qualification test for studying MBBS in Ukraine.

The eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS education in Ukraine are very simple and easy as compared to other countries. The basic criteria for admission in medical universities in Ukraine include:
• The students must be over the age of 17 years before seeking admission
• They must have minimum aggregate marks of 50% in chemistry, physics and biology in 12th standard
• Obtaining good marks in English language is mandatory

The Admission Procedure at Medical Universities in Ukraine

Just like the eligibility criteria, the admission process is also simple at Ukraine universities for MBBS program. The students only need to crack the pre-qualification test and there is no other entrance examination. The students must have scored 50% in 12th standard with the PCB subjects.

The student needs to ensure that visa process concludes smoothly and they must also have invitation letter from the MBBS universities in Ukraine. Apart from this the student needs to have valid passport, transcripts for senior secondary and certificates to validate their marks in 10th and 12th. Students also need to provide birth certificates that are translated into Ukraine language and also medical clearance certificate that prove you are not victim of HIV or AIDS.

Steps to Seek Admission for MBBS in Ukraine

• Submit the requisite documents and wait till you achieve the assured admission and this may take one month time
• The applications for admission must be submitted before deadline
• The applicants must prove that they are above 17 years at the time of applying
• The students must score 50% marks in PCB subjects in 12th

Duration of MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS degree in Ukraine is 6-year course and this includes the practical sessions and other curriculum activities set by the universities. The initial three years of the program includes pre-clinical study and the remaining three years of the course involves clinical studies where students get ample chance to interact with real life patients and provide them treatment in local hospitals. Upon completion of the course, the student would be referred as MD Physician which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in other nations.

Scholarship Options for MBBS in Ukraine

Although the tuition fees and other costs for MBBS in Ukraine is very low, but still there are scholarship programs designed for foreign students who want to pursue MBBS degree in Ukraine universities. So, eligible students with limited finances to seek MBBS degree in Ukraine can take help of these programs that are offered by many universities and private organizations to support medical studies on Ukraine. There are full annual scholarships and partial scholarship and it comes with different eligibility criteria which students need to check prior to apply for it.

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